Trading shibboleths are acid on the brain

It’s virtually impossible to have a meaningful discussion about trading with someone whose contribution is proudly limited to spewing trading shibboleths. Their account never suffers a loser because of their faithfulness to petty phrases such as ‘the trend is your friend’ or ‘trade what you see, not what you feel’ or ‘keep your losers small and let your winners run.’ Shibboleths are popular phrases that have become devoid of meaning. Those who repeat them are revealing themselves for who they are.

What does ‘the trend is your friend’ actually mean anyway? (donning my Andy Rooney hat) Jesse Livermore planted that phrase into the minds of traders as a means of gaining an edge over them. Get them babbling about cute phrases that rhyme and take their money in the interim. They’ll be content to watch their accounts dwindle as long as they have some shibboleth to grab hold of to explain the recent depreciation. Whenever they have a winner, program them to say ‘I let my winner run.’ And whenever they have a loser, program them to say ‘I should have kept my losers small.’ That way, instead of them thinking about what they’re actually doing, they’ll be thinking about applying the most appropriate shibboleth as the situation demands. Confusion in your adversary is key.

Do you ever notice how dumb you feel when you repeat some retarded trading shibboleth? That is by sinister design. It’s psychological warfare out there and the dirty little secret is that other traders constantly try to gain an edge over you. When you feel dumb, you’re likely to act dumb.

Next time you have the urge to spout meaningless dribble, resist. Don’t even try inverting a popular phase, such as cleverly stating ‘the trend is not always your friend’. You’re wasting your time and brain cells. Think about what you should be doing instead of what phrase you should be repeating.

Now go grab the bull by the horns and get trading. Or something like that.


One Response to “Trading shibboleths are acid on the brain”

  1. Futures Trader Says:

    Great guy…You are just great! If I ever told you how many traders read the same Ol' BS of trade with the trend…and some guys made a living out of "Trend Following" nonsense….kills me! Love you style of writing and your guts!


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