First roll in DIA 70 put calendar

I took the first of three potential rolls a little early, but it’s good to take off 2/3 risk on the first roll. Collected $1.34 for the roll.

The DIA calendar was initially purchased for $1.99, and that represents the total risk of a long calendar. The months involved on the initial trade were MAR/JUN. After rolling MAR to APR, I essentially have a long APR/JUN put calendar at the 70 strike for $0.65 risk. Should DIA settle near 70 about 30-40 days from now, I’ll be able to completely pay for the calendar, and then start collecting profits.


One Response to “First roll in DIA 70 put calendar”

  1. 1option Says:

    Liking this trade! Check out my site and shoot me an email when you’ve got a minute.

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