Welcome to Milk Trader

Milk traders, welcome!

How do you know you’ve reached the right blog?

–You know you’re a milk trader if you control a micro account.

If you control more than $10,000 in a trading account, may I recommend you listen to CNBC for trade ideas. When your account dips below $10,000, then please come back. When milk traders reach a 10% profit or more, money comes out of the account.

–Milk traders do not trade stocks.

Why? Because there is no leverage in stocks. And since we control micro accounts, we need all the leverage we can get. So what do we trade? Liquid markets in futures, forex and options where capital outlays are less restrictive and leverage is 50 to 100 times.

–Milk traders are skeptical of smart money.

We believe Cramer is a blowhard and Warren Buffett is an historical anomaly. We couldn’t care less what EBITDA stands for. Instead, we use statistical and technical analysis to put ourselves on the high probability side of a trade.

–Milk traders NEVER random trade.

There are two good reasons for this: a) we can’t afford to, and b) random trading is for dumbasses, and we don’t want to be dumbasses.

–Milk trading focuses on four major markets.

Our focus markets include stock indices, commodities, foreign currency and treasuries. Within these major markets, there is a plethora of futures, currency pairs, ETFs and cash-settled options. And plenty of trade ideas.

Enjoy, there’s more to come.

…and I shall lead you to a land flowing with milk and money.


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